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Meet Esther

Behind Sandigan Wellness:


So where am I really from?

I am both Filipina and Chinese, growing up in the Western world as a second and/or third generation Canadian – depending who you ask. No, I unfortunately cannot understand Cantonese, but I do understand Tagalog. Can I speak it? Conversationally yes, but I definitely wouldn't be able to write a novel in it.

Being born and raised in Metro Vancouver, it may not be a surprise that I love looking at mountains and bodies of water. I loved it so much that I spent a lot time at UBC studying Ecology and closing my time there with a promising future in the field, but it was time to study "Life" under new lenses and perspectives.


Get to Know Me

My name is Esther (she/her/hers) and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Canadian Certified Counsellor who, like you, has journeyed through various hills and valleys that lead to grief, healing, and celebration. The word "home" has always been challenging for me as I find my identity doesn't fit into rigid boxes, nor do my struggles, but somehow along the way I've learned to create that feeling of home within myself. 

For many years...

Mental health has been overlooked by people of my cultural communities as they've never truly had a chance to prioritize being at peace with themselves, find meaning amidst pain, or learn how to communicate how they really feel. Myself and many of my peers have experienced the ripples in the water this has created, even those who may not share the same cultural identities as me. 

My hope is create a new ripple in the water where "good" mental health and finding safety, peace, as well as healing is no longer considered a luxury item. I am a strong advocate for the accessibility of mental health care and work to bridge that gap as best I can. We are not responsible or at fault for the scars we receive in life, but how we move forward is our choice. 


I, too, am a walking mosaic of my lived experiences and the experience I did not get to receive. I would be honoured to be beside you as you process pieces and add pieces to the mosaic that reflects you.

– Esther

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