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Sliding Scale (Reduced Cost)
Counselling Inquiries

We believe that mental health care should not be a luxury item that only few can afford.

Let's start the conversation and change the narrative together.

How It Works

Sliding Scale opportunities at Sandigan Wellness do not operate as a flat rate. We take a conversation-based approach to rates; based off your current life circumstances and what kind of help you're looking for (in-person vs. virtual, how often, etc.) we will quote you with a rate and work from there forward. Sliding scale inquiries require a consultation call to be completed.

These rates are not set in stone and can always be adjusted to accommodate your life as it comes. If we are unable to meet you where you need to be met, we have trusted colleagues ready to help. 

Let's Chat

Do you have access to insurance benefits covering counselling?

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon!

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